Board Up Service and Vacant Property Protection in Shafter, CA

If you own, manage, or are selling a vacant property in Shafter, CA, chances are you are aware that vacant properties become magnets for antisocial activity and break-ins. Vacant properties are statistically 18 times more likely to be the subject of arson or vandalism. So how do you protect your assets from being vandalized or set on fire? Easy! You board it up with the most secure board up service in Shafter, California – Guard Dog Secure LLC.

Guard Dog Secure is a vacant property board up service which only uses steel products to prevent unauthorized access from vagrants & burglars. The products were developed by 2 house flippers who have flipped properties in Shafter, CA and are fully aware of the local conditions facing vacant property owners. After experiencing damaged property due to squatters, the owners of Guard Dog Secure decided to do something about it.

Don’t believe us? Check out one of our flips which was damaged by a squatter in the video below-

Why use Guard Dog Secure to board-up your property in Shafter, CA?

  • You’ll prevent unauthorized access to your property

  • You’ll reduce the chance of costly repairs from damage caused by vagrants & squatters

  • You’ll be compliant with relevant city codes and prevent violations

  • Your property will look secure preventing break-in attempts

  • Guard Dog Secure is generally cheaper than plywood competitors

  • Guard Dog Secure has a patent pending fastening system

  • Guard Dog Secure will periodically inspect your property and maintain your board up system

  • Contractors will be able to access your property via a coded, secure steel door

  • Vacant property protection does not have to be a constant worry for you

As Shafter’s most secure board up company, we are ready to serve you and keep you property secure!

Why is Guard Dog Secure more secure than other vacant property protection board up companies?

Guard Dog Secure are experts in vacant property protection and board-up installations. We use 16 gauge, laser-cut, reinforced, galvanized steel panels secured to the building via fasteners into structural timber and then clamp our panels to the buildings via threaded steel rod and heavy duty steel UniStrut. Guard Dog Secure incorporated in September of 2021 and so far has not had a single defeat in the field. Our panels are modular so we can board up windows and doors of different sizes. Guard Dog Secure also performs periodic inspections on properties to make sure our installations remain secure as they do get attacked regularly.

Burglars and vagrants don’t stand a chance!


If you own, manage, or require vacant property protection in Shafter, CA, fill out the form below and we’ll call you back ASAP