Creation of GDS

GDS is the brainchild of a combined effort between 2 property flippers. After spending years purchasing, renovating, and selling property, Joe & David spotted a market niche in securing vacant properties. Time after time during property inspections, David & Joe witnessed the destruction of vacant of property by burglars and squatters so they decided to do something about it. Boarding property with plywood boards wasn’t working for clients and had proven ineffective on their attempts to secure their own properties under renovation. Intruders managed to break into every property boarded with plywood and worse, sometimes set fire to the property in an attempt to gain access.

When the idea of GDS was floated, David & Joe knew prospective clients required more security for peace of mind than any other board up service was able to provide. After reaching out to local Southern Californian metal fabricators, they settled on a unique design of security panels which allowed them to offer clients what they were looking for… Vacant property security!


Opening business in Bakersfield in the Central Valley of California, the pair set out with 2 distinct goals-

1- Provide customers with the most secure property security system on the market.

2- Provide customers this service at a fraction of the cost of traditional plywood board up services.

Given that GDS has access to the best metal fabricators in the U.S.

If you happen to own a vacant house in the Central Valley, are a realtor or property manager looking to secure your clients assets, GDS is the single most efficient and secure board up service in Bakersfield, Central Valley, and Los Angeles.

If you need a board up service, vacant property board up, broken window board, or building entry point security, get a free quote from the guys at GDS. You’ll sleep soundly knowing your property is protected by GDS products.