Do I need an Eviction Lockout Service in Los Angeles?

If you are a rental property owner in Los Angeles and have recently decided to go through the Unlawful Detainer process to evict a tenant, you may have questions about what to do after you succeed in court.

Rental property owners often believe that once they’ve purchased a property, reviewed tenant applications, and have chosen a suitable applicant, it’s only a matter of counting the rent money monthly and building that property portfolio. Unfortunately, things often don’t work that way and you may find yourself with a non-paying tenant.

After you go through through the court process known as an unlawful detainer, the county sheriff will receive a lockout date and will remove any squatters who have remained in the property. It’s at this point where you’ll be left with a vacant property to protect from unauthorized re-entry.

Your first thought maybe to contact a locksmith to change to locks. This sounds like the sensible thing to do! Change the locks and your property is safe. Unfortunately, squatters, thieves, and vandals will go through a new lock like a hot knife through butter.


At Guard Dog Secure, we have seen people enter properties by smashing windows, kicking in doors, crawling under the floors and up though the manhole, and removing wall mounted AC units to gain access to the interior of the property. Possibly the worst scenario from this point, one we’ve seen a lot in the field, is the person who broke into the property starts a fire. We have tested our panels in the field and after our panels withstood the assault, the squatters attempted to set fire to the plywood. This fire spread and burned out a significant part of the upstairs building.

So, what do you need to do to prevent this situation? Have an eviction lockout service meet the sheriffs on the day of the lockout to secure your property!

Guard Dog Secure performs eviction lockouts in Los Angeles for-

  • Realtors

  • Property managers

  • Property owners

  • Attorneys

  • Locksmith companies

  • Insurance companies

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