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Every rental property owner dreads the eviction process in Bakersfield. It’s costly, time consuming, stressful, and good help can be hard to find. Often, once the legal process has played out and you finally regain possession of your house, you find that owning a vacant house in Bakersfield is possibly even more stressful than the legal process you just went through. Guard Dog Secure are here to help with our eviction lockout service.

Squatters, vagrants, criminals, gang-members, & drug addicts are all looking for vacant houses to live in, or worse, run illicit businesses out of. As a company which deals with vacant properties as part of our business activities, we can honestly say that we have seen unauthorized persons wait down the road as the sheriffs perform their court ordered eviction lockouts and then as soon as the sheriffs leave, they immediately break into the property again.

Eviction lockouts in Bakersfield start when the sheriff removes, sometimes forcibly, tenants or squatters who are residing in a property in which they no longer have a valid legal reason to do so. Eviction lockouts do not end at this point, protecting your property then becomes a game of Whack a Mole trying to keep new squatters out.

If you don’t believe us, check out what unauthorized persons did to this house-

This house needed Guard Dog Secure providing eviction lockout services.

With Guard Dog Secure on your team, we will meet the Bakersfield sheriffs onsite at the court ordered eviction lockout time and work directly behind them so that once they’ve removed the squatters, your house is secure from future break-ins.

Unfortunately, changing the locks is generally a futile exercise. Squatters can generally kick in a door, or smash in a window, within 30 seconds of the sheriffs leaving the premises. They cannot kick in Guard Dog Secures 14 gauge steel panels!

If you have an eviction lockout coming up in Bakersfield, give us a call! Our eviction lockout products are built purposely for your peace of mind.

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