How to Prepare for Emergency Board Up Services Near Me in Bakersfield: A Checklist

Emergencies can strike at any time. Whether it’s the aftermath of a fire, a storm, or the unsettling aftermath of a break-in, your property can be left exposed to further risks and harm. That’s where the invaluable role of emergency board-up services comes into play.

Emergency board-up services near you in Bakersfield safeguard your property by securing windows, doors, and other openings with durable metal sheets.

This guide will outline the perfect checklist of actions to take before, during, and after the emergency board-up process to help you protect your property from further damage.

Before the Emergency Board Up Professionals Arrive

  • Notify Insurance Company

Contact your insurance provider to report the damage. They may dispatch an adjuster to evaluate the extent of the coverage and can even recommend trusted emergency board-up services.

  • Document the Damage

Take detailed photographs and videos of the affected areas from various angles. This documentation is important for filing a claim and substantiating your losses with your insurance company.

  • Secure Valuables & Clear the Area

Prepare the area by securing valuables, relocating them to a dry place, and covering them with protective materials. Also, clear the area of furniture and things that might get in the way or cause accidents. This ensures a safe and smooth emergency board up service near you in Bakersfield.

  • Utility Shutdown

Turn off gas, electricity, and water utilities to prevent leaks, sparks, or explosions that could exacerbate the damage or pose safety risks. If you’re uncertain about how to do this, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a professional.

During Emergency Board Up Services

  • Stay Clear

Maintain a safe distance from the affected area while the professionals work. Avoid attempting to assist or interfere. They have the training, experience, and equipment to carry out their duties safely and effectively.

  • Assist the Professionals

Cooperate with the professionals by briefing them about the damage, your property, and your preferences. This valuable information helps streamline maintenance, property restoration, and preparation for the next tenancy.

  • Quality Check

Before they leave, inspect the boards to ensure secure attachment and full coverage. Report any gaps, cracks, or loose boards for immediate correction.

After the Board Up Services

  • Maintain Boards

Keep the boards in place until your property repairs are complete. Please do not remove or tamper with them without prior approval from your insurance company and the board-up service. These boards safeguard your property from further damage.

  • Start Restoration

Promptly kickstart the property repair process by contacting a reputable restoration company. Delaying this step increases the risk of additional damage from mold, rot, corrosion, or vandalism. These experts will work to restore your property to its pre-disaster condition or, even better – improve it.

  • Provide Feedback

Assess and review the board-up services. If satisfied, consider leaving a positive online review or spreading the word, aiding their growth and reputation. If you have concerns, offer constructive feedback and suggestions for enhancement.

For immediate assistance with emergency board-up services near you in Bakersfield, don’t hesitate to contact Guard Dogs Secure. We’re available around the clock, with a rapid response time of just one hour. Our team boasts the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to handle various types of damage and secure your property quickly and effectively.