Why would a house have boarded up windows?

It’s not uncommon to find boarded-up windows in many urban areas, but why do houses have them?

There are a number of reasons a house may have its windows boarded up. One of the primary reasons is to prevent trespassing or theft. By boarding up the windows, no one is able to break in and rob the house. It also helps to deter crime as it acts as a visual deterrent, and burglars may not want to take the time and effort to break into a home that is well protected.

Another reason to board up windows is to protect the home from weather damage. Even if the house is not occupied, non-functioning or broken windows can be a target to wind and rain. This can cause water damage to the interior of the home, or easily allow an intruder to access it. By boarding up these windows, the homeowner ensures their home is well insulated from the outside elements.

In some cases, boarded-up windows may also be a sign of neglect. This may be due to an absentee owner, in which case the windows may have gone unmaintained for some time. This can further lead to water or pest infestations, further deteriorating the property.

In any case, it’s important to remain vigilant and understand why a house may have boarded up windows. Understanding the reason is key in helping to maintain a safe and secure environment, no matter where you live.

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