Superior Board-Up Services for Reinforcement and Vacant Property Protection

Whether it’s poverty, misfits or criminals, there is no sight more inviting than a home standing unoccupied with fragile glass being the only thing between them and getting inside. When we say “vacant property” we aren’t just referring to a home that is lacking tenants, our specialized services extend to all properties that require reinforced safety and security on their investment.

Board-Up Services: Protection and Reinforcements for Vacant Properties in Hermosa Beach.

There is a limited of Hermosa Beach number of board-up companies and services so why choose us? Guard Dog Secure was created by David & Joe whose niches were securing and restoring vacant properties to their former glory or into better versions of the original.

The gentlemen would often arrive at their property investments and find evidence of vandalism, vagrants, and general destruction due to the timber plywood boards being easily removed for access to the building. Because of this, they joined forces and brought Guard Dog Secure to life.

Reinforced Protection

As David and Joe knew that any normal board-up services would no longer suffice as protection for their investments, they made contact with local metal fabricators to assist in bringing their revolutionary idea to life.

After settling on design and material, the board-up panels were created and tested on vacant properties and the outcomes were phenomenal.

Not only did the galvanized steel panels deter vandals and vagrants, they also served as reinforced security when an attempted entry was blocked by panels that were impenetrable.

Why Choose Us?

At Guard Dog Secure we don’t believe that using timber plywood (even the heavy-duty CDX plywood) is enough to fully secure your investment.

More often than not, we are called out to replace timber board-up installations that have failed due to subpar materials used which have either deteriorated in wet climates or could not withstand forced entry in a Hermosa Beach home.

Not only do our boards get installed using specific equipment to avoid tampering, but they are made from galvanized steel with carefully placed vents to allow ventilation as well as prevent water damage from occurring during the rainy seasons.

Due to the material used and installation design, this also allows for our boards to be used in another area once you are done with them. This lowers production costs and allows us to provide you with services that are at a lower and more affordable rate. We also provide emergency board up services in a pinch.

Our Services

Having the advantage of not only being a homeowner but an investor and landlord as well has allowed us insight into what really matters and when.

We have experienced vandalism, vagrants, arson, and natural disasters as well which is exactly the reason why our product is not only the best security but also serves as the necessary reinforcements needed.

Whether it’s an emergency board-up or a preventative one, we cater to:

Developments & Construction Sites

Every building development or renovation site has strict schedules as well as budgets. By using our board up services, you can rest easy knowing:

●       All tools and materials are safe and inaccessible at the end of the workday;

●       The site is fully secured and there is no possibility of trespassers;

●       No more lost keys or safety boxes need to be kept by management; and

●       There’s no need to go over budget or delay schedules due to external factors.

Emergency Board-Up in Hermosa Beach

It doesn’t matter what you do, natural disasters are inevitable. The choices you make after the fact is where we come in.

While dealing with insurance claims and repairs on your home you don’t need the additional worries of potential vandalism or vagrants trying to take over in your absence.

Guard Dog Security is the board-up company you can rely on to protect your assets when you need them most.

Estate Agencies and Investors

There is always an ebb and flow in demand when it comes to renting or selling properties, but its always the better option to board up vacant properties for a few reasons:

●       Deter potential trespassing

●       Help keep the property in a good state

●       Open opportunities to have the property noticed by potential buyers/ tenants

●       Useful for both long or short term periods

Property Expropriation

Often, one of the most targeted of all vacant properties is a foreclosure or expropriated building as they are the most vulnerable.

It’s difficult having to manage or be responsible for such a property and the last thing you need is for the property to be vandalized or unauthorized occupants taking up residence.

With Guard Dog Secure you can focus on moving forward knowing that the property is secured and threat-free.


  1. How long can I board up my property?

We provide you with our board-up services for as long as you need them.

  1. How much will it cost to have my property boarded up?

There is no set quote as it depends on the number of windows and doors that need to be boarded up. Feel free to fill out our inquiry form where one of our friendly staff will then contact you to meet at the property for a no-obligation quote.

  1. Do I have to have all doors and windows boarded?

Yes, it is necessary to have all ground floor entrances and any second-floor accessible doors and windows boarded up including crawl spaces and fireplaces.

  1. Is it still necessary to board up after my property has been vandalized?

Yes, possibly even more so. When the awareness of the vacant property spreads, you then open up possibilities to vagrants and destruction of property by criminals removing wires, copper pipes, and even appliances.

  1. Why use your services when I can board up myself?

We only use galvanized steel clamps and products along with multiple types of fasteners to make it as hard as possible for any would-be burglars. However, if you have the time and ability to do your own board-up, we have provided some tips in the hopes that they help you in securing your property to the max.

  1. How long will installation take?

Installation is fairly quick after we have taken note of everything during our no-obligation quote visit. We also provide monthly maintenance checkups as well as remove the panels free of charge when you no longer require them.

  1. Won’t my property suffer water damage from being boarded up?

No, our unique design allows for natural light and air to enter, avoiding any damp or stale air being trapped and harming the property.

We at Guard Dog Secure strive to provide excellent service at an affordable rate with quality panels that are designed to not only secure your vacant property but reinforce it too.

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