Have your own installation team? Rent our panels and install them in-house!

Guard Dog Secure was created by 2 house flippers to protect their own renovations during construction. We are aware that you may have your own board-up installation team and we want to help you save money by showing you how to install Guard Dog Secure’s panels yourself by renting our product to you on a monthly basis.

By sending us your properties window and door measurements, we can put together a Guard Dog Secure panel kit and ship it out to you so you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your property is protected Guard Dog Secure without paying us an install fee! We rent out our panels to clients and will pick the panels up when you’ve finished with them!

Measure up board up windows Los Angeles

Step 1

Contact us and tell us about your property

We’ll call you and tell you exactly what information and measurements you need to send over to us.

Guard Dog Secure Vacant Property Protection

Step 2

We ship out a custom kit to your property

We also show you how to install our panels to be as secure as one of our own installations. You rent our panels out on a monthly basis.

Guard Dog Secure vacant property protection Bakersfield

Step 3

We’ll come an pick up the panels when you’re finished with them

We’ll arrange a pick-up service to come pick up the panels.

Free quote to board up your house. Fill in the form or give us a call!

We board up and secure residential, commercial, and industrial properties with the most secure boards on the market. We also remove the panels at no extra cost when you have finished with them.
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