Guard Dog Secure was created by 2 property flippers who are familiar with the difficulty of owning rental properties. Unfortunately, evictions are part of the real estate industry and although unpleasant, evictions serve an important public process. Guard Dog Secure has the experience, and products, to help you get through the eviction process to protect your property.

Once the court has given you an eviction lockout date in Bakersfield and surrounding areas, Guard Dog Secure can meet county sheriffs onsite to board up your property as soon as the sheriffs have completed the eviction. It is always best to secure your property IMMEDIATELY after the tenants/squatters have been evicted. We have attended jobs where clients have waited a few days to secure their property after the eviction lockout only to find new squatters have moved in!

All you need to do is give us a call once you have obtained your eviction ruling from the Kern County Court and we will be onsite as the eviction occurs and work behind the local sheriffs to secure your property to prevent further access by unauthorized persons.

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We board up and secure residential, commercial, and industrial properties with the most secure boards on the market. We also remove the panels at no extra cost when you have finished with them.
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