Just saying the word “eviction” can send shivers down a property investors spine. Lost rental income, damaged property, legal fees, and worse, re-access by squatters after the sheriffs lockout has occurred!

This is where Guard Dog Secure can step in and remove some of the worry out of your eviction process. Guard Dog Secure provides an eviction lockout service to property owners in Los Angeles using the most secure product on the market. We meet with sheriffs onsite at your request and secure your property so that after the sheriffs have left, your property remains secured.

All clients need to do when they’ve received their eviction lockout date from the Los Angeles Courts is to give us a call! We’ll head out to the property prior to the eviction date, give you a free estimate, and then meet the sheriffs onsite to secure your property after the squatters have been evicted.

Why choose Guard Dog Secure for your eviction lockout in Los Angeles? Because we do it successfully ALL THE TIME for happy property owners!

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We board up and secure residential, commercial, and industrial properties with the most secure boards on the market. We also remove the panels at no extra cost when you have finished with them.
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