Bakersfield City Council recently passed an ordinance that would make vacant property owners liable for issues that arise on their vacant property. The measure was passed in December of 2022 and is aimed at cleaning up the appearance of Bakersfield, reducing anti-social behavior, and reducing the amount of fire damaged vacant buildings in Bakersfield.

The vacant property ordinance was introduced by Ward 4 representative and newly-elected Vice Mayor Andrae Gonzales. “These vacant buildings are problematic,” said Gonzales. “They are nuisances for the adjacent property owners, for people who are trying to enjoy downtown Bakersfield. It is unfair in my mind to see how adjacent properties have no requirement to take care of their property and just allow their property to deteriorate and to decline year after year.”

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Vacant property issues impact not only the subject property, but surrounding houses and residents. Squatters, drug “trap” houses, crime, fires, and anti-social behavior are all problems associated with unsecured properties in Bakersfield.

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