Los Angeles eviction moratorium is set to expire in Feb of 2023, and some council members and residents are concerned that could make the homeless issue worse. Renters make up the vast proportion of Los Angeles residents. Once the COVID eviction moratorium expires, tenants will have until Aug. 1st of this year to pay back the rent they missed between March of 2020 and September of 2021. Then, they’ll have until Feb, 2024 to pay what was missed Oct 2021 through Feb of 2023.

The situation is tricky with landlords having to cover mortgage payments while not receiving rent and COVID affected residents may find themselves in a tough situation once the moratorium expires. The situation has the potential to make Los Angeles homeless situation unmanageable for cities and counties. The increase in the number of vacant and foreclosed houses is also set to explode as the courts start processing evictions while COVID still ravages the community.

Property owners who have been unable to evict non-paying tenants also have the added burden of making sure their vacant properties are in a sufficient condition before leasing out to new tenants.

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Guard Dog Secure will board up and secure your vacant property.

For property owners who are navigating the unlawful detainer process in court, it is critical to secure the property to prevent further habitation by squatters. Guard Dog Secure installs the most secure steel panels on the market. Guard Dogs panels are steel, cheaper than plywood, non-flammable, and GDS offers free removal once the vacant property owner has finished with them.

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We board up and secure residential, commercial, and industrial properties with the most secure boards on the market. We also remove the panels at no extra cost when you have finished with them.
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